Amitabh SINGH
[ Director ]

An Agri. Entrepreneur Amitabh brings a deep commitment and passion for his vision of “Sustainable Development of the farming community” that is backed by the industry experience of more than 27 years.

From Directors’ Desk

Market demand is likely to increase the area of land under organic cultivation. So we want to ensure the accessibility and availability of Non-GMO seed for all farms. Organic + is our main vision for dealing with the climate crisis, with at least 50 % of organic land to be covered under regenerative agriculture. The combination of these two standards will contribute to better management of natural resources in the fashion industry.

Hetal Shah
[ Director ]

A Social Engineer with a degree of Masters of  Philosophy- Gender.  serving the community for more than 20 years  in the field of Development sector with a focus on sustainable Community development, women empowerment, Research & Evaluation

 Chandramauli Pathak 
Nurturing  youth Entrepreneurship

Baikunth N Behura
Agriculture Engineer

Niket Shah
Innovation in low carbon future

 Shritesh Pohane 
Sr. Field Officer

Vinod Aliya

Ashwini Damre
Project Associate (Agriculture) 

                           Ankita Jansari
              Human Resource Manager

Disha Bhavsar
Research and Development

Mansi Patel
Data Engineer 

Gaurav Prajapati
Account Manager

Shilpa Jadiya
   Finance Manager