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Farm to Users

Amiha is a private limited company, headquartered at Ahmedabad (Gujarat, India) and helmed by veteran promoters of sustainable agriculture business products of different standards. Our core belief is promoting and practicing FAIR PRICE TO ALL in order to equally benefit all the concerned stakeholders in the supply chain from “Farm to Users”. Since our inception, we have been able to foster and bond a significantly high number of farmers’ groups (ICS / PUs) across the country in Organic and BCI cotton. Our marketing strategies are both traceable and transparent, having emerged from an ethical base.  

Our Philosophy

“We aim to develop & provide leadership in environmental care by participatory management of natural resources to improve the quality of life without compromising the upcoming generation. We believe that the process of rural development, environmental reconstruction & remediation can be only achieved by decisive participation of the rural community!!!”

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Meet Our Skilled Team

Amitabh SINGH

Amitabh SINGH

[ Director ]
Hetal Shah
[ Director ]
Niket Shah
[ Advisor Renewable Energy ]
Ankita Jansari
Human Resource Management
Disha Bhavsar
[ Research and Development ]
Mansi Patel
[ Data Engineer ]
Shilpa Jadiya

Shilpa Jadiya

Finance Manager
Gaurav Prajapati

Gaurav Prajapati

Account Manager