Our Team

Amitabh SINGH

An Agri. Entrepreneur Amitabh brings a deep commitment and passion for his vision of “Sustainable Development of the farming community” that is backed by the industry experience of more than 27 years.

Chandramauli Pathak

An Entrepreneurship Expert having Degree (B.E.) and Management with diverse experience exposure in Curriculum development, Teaching and Developing Entrepreneurship courses having worked in various African, Asian countries.

Hetal Shah

A Social Engineer with a degree of Masters of  Philosophy- Gender.  serving the community for more than 20 years  in the field of Development sector with a focus on sustainable Community development, women empowerment, Research & Evaluation

Baikunth N Behura

A Degree in Masters with Entomology has enabled Mr. Behura to serve the technical resources to the poor farmers of Odisha for more than 35 years of Service tenure with Govt of Odisha

Pramod Kumar Singh

A Entrepreneur having 30 plus Years of Industry experience in different sectors in Technical and Management skills as an Engineer.

N B Changela

A  Masters in Entomology has served the Govt of Gujarat for more than 36 years . A passionate farmer inside him along with his experienced administrative skills  has made him one of a very popular service personal in Saurashtra for more than decade.

Nitaben R Solanki

A female Lead Farmer associated with Sustainable Cotton Farming since last 3 Years with vast ability and experience of community development along with agricultural development