Its’ not end … just beginning ….
Through our efforts we have saved

63.58 Million Cubic Meter of Water

21,723 Megawatt of Power

447 MT of Pesticides

1,59,243 MT of GM Materials

59,243 MT of Fertilisers

Regenerative Agriculture
It has been both a tough and exciting journey to improve sustainability through organic cultivation. This journey has given rise to numerous challenges, learnings and ideas for the betterment of community, farming, and planet. From day one we have focused on biodiversity, water management, community development, promotion of Non- GMO seed and care for life under water as well as life on land.

Regenerative agriculture (RA) is a new standard in fiber. During the last season (2020-21) we certified our farms with the RA standard. We have also added a few more colors into the organic cultivation which will be helpful to saving our plant. In the coming years we will add the RA standard to 50% of the organic land, which will support the SDGs.

Regenerative Agriculture
We have adopted the RA standard in our projects as a pilot, and under that standard we maintain a buffer water course and riparian areas to save life under water. At an organizational level we have developed a biodiversity guideline to respond to the current crisis. As such we are doing exercises like biodiversity mapping and time indexing of species and their habitats, and using this we have developed a Biodiversity Action Plan, which focuses on:

Management of site ecology to ensure indigenous ecosystems and species survive into the future.

Landscaping various types of land (farmland, grazing land, barren land)

Community biodiversity management through various activities, including: plantation, maintaining riparian areas and maintaining a water buffer zone