Our initiative

Regenagri is a regenerative agriculture initiative aimed at securing the health of the land and the wealth of those who live on it.It supports farms and organizations to transition to holistic farming techniques that increase soil organic matter, encourage biodiversity and sequester CO2.

With this type of farming we can regenerate our planet and sustainably secure the future of agricultural products and their supply chains.    

                                                                                                                         Certification Celebration:

It was great motivation for team, that CU team has visited field and presented RA certificate to team on 21st December, 2020.
Certification celebration was planned in the Cotton farm. Farmers welcome the CU team with “Khadi Sutar Mala” (A Garland made out of Organic Cotton handmade Yarn) followed by Bhoomi Pujan. Mr. Binay Chaudhari, Chairman CU India, share his views with farmers and AMIHA Agro team on RA. “Now it is time to think on climate smart agriculture as many countries are adopting such practices. The principals are simple, it is not rocket science. Adopting RA principals will secure our future for food, environment, carbon emission, retain water, promote biodiversity and many more benefits. With continuous adoption farmers will get more benefit in net profitability and quality of crop. He shared that in coming future we need to think beyond farmland, crop, and individual profit.

                                                       From the roots

25 years young lady shared her experience of RA practices. Since last 4 years she is supporting her father in agriculture. Now with learning of RA she changed some of the farming practices in her farm like use of FYM, no chemical use, inter crop of pulses and border crop of golden flowers and many more. It was not easy for her to convince her father with traditional and rigid mind set of farming, but she could manage it.   

“I have felt significant changes in water requirement along with  many other benefits on farmland. With the help of Intercropping with pulses I have secure my family’s requirement of protein till 2021.”


                                                                                                                                           Agriculture Video