Jalsakhi Training and Capacity Building to manage water resources at local level

Making huge transformation with small steps…

Jalsakhi/Jaldoot is educating the community on important aspects of water management, women’s empowerment, food security, etc. at domestic level and farm level too.

A 3 days training program was organized for Jalsakhi at Wardha, Maharashtra. The objective of the training was to strengthen the capacity building of Jalsakhi on water management, gender, women in cotton farming; their significant role from home to farm and how to mainstream them into society. With upgraded knowledge of resource management at the farm and community level, they are empowering women at the grassroots level. A total of 13 Jalsakhi have been trained in the 3 day workshop. They will be the true change-makers, with improved knowledge of water management, gender equality, and food security as a result of farm-level initiatives.