Regenerative Agriculture’s mantra is Carbon Sequestration. In other words, it is the Nature’s own mechanism to mitigate and arrest global warming.

Amiha Agro’s efforts at convincing farmers to adopt regenerative agriculture has met splendid success as, in just a year, the number of “regenerative” farmers have registered a five fold inrease (500 -> 2500). In fact, the international recognition we have recently received from the sector apex agency Control Union (UK) bears a testimony to the […]

Embroidery Workshop for girls in rural Gujarat

Coloring young girls’ aspirations ….. with little thread and needle  Sustainable Agriculture is our core objective, with it we are also focusing on all SDGs for holistic development through our Community Development Programs, which are mainly focused on women’s empowerment and gender equality. As part of this, a skill enhancement workshop on embroidery was organized […]

Farmers Training at Door step…

A key objective of Amiha’s Organic and Sustainable Cultivation Program ensures that farmers are skilled-up and empowered with technical knowledge of organic and sustainable farming. Team Amiha always working for Growth and Prosperity of the farming community provides extensive training to the farmers on adopting organic method of farming. For this good quality seeds and […]

Women in Cotton

Promoting Gender Equality and Empowerment of Women We at Amiha Agro believe in promoting the gender equality and empowerment of WOMEN IN COTTON. In this, with the endeavor to promote the cotton production, quality, productivity, working process and more influence in decision-making processes for women. Our continuous efforts in the rural area to bring women […]

Team Building Exercise… working together is success

At Amiha, we dedicate every Saturday one hour to our Team Building and Motivation Activities. Team building activities are problem solving tasks which to help group members develop their capacity to work effectively together. These activities can increase staff productivity by increasing employee motivation, improve their decision-making ability and improve interaction at the workplace. One […]

How do your farmers work to improve soil health?

Over the last five years our farmers have successfully adopted several practices for soil health improvement, including no tillage (57%), intercropping (76%) and crop rotation (65%). Our respondents witnessed remarkable transformations on their land, and many changes were visible after the adoption of RA standards. Within one season after taking their first steps on the […]